Caramerlito Crew
This is our team of workers, essential to make this company move forward and can offer the best of services for you. Get to know them and don't forget to follow them!

You can be a rebel, you can show your teeth, you can scream, laugh and cry. You can be yourself even if the rest of the world doesn't understand you, you know better than anyone that you don't need to be understood either.
What's the use of living if you can't express yourself how you want? What's the use of not being you?
Caramerlito is not much more than a way for you to feel identified with your "I", we are your escape route to a world in which you do not feel that you fit in with the rest. Our sole purpose is that you and many more find a way to express your character through clothing.

We are a company that was born in the province of Cádiz in 2015 and today it continues to wage war. Our team (Caramerlito Crew) is made up of Andalusian entrepreneurs and employees who go out of their way to satisfy your need to be free and one of a kind.

This company was born from the impetuous need and urgency to reach out and express your true self through clothing.
Caramerlito began creating clothes and accessories with an important influence on flamenco and Andalusian women, for women with unique character and personality. Now, we are expanding throughout Europe with the unique and exclusive idea that you give the personality that you want to give to each garment you buy in Caramerlito.

Independent people, alternatives, those who feel that you do not fit in with the established ... this is your place!
Canorro style, urban, maybe comfy ...? It's your clothes, it's whatever you want it to be!

Dreaming is free, but achieving your dreams is long and difficult work.

We have been in a project for almost 7 years that aspires to more and more, resisting all the potholes that we have encountered. Now, we are growing exponentially upwards and nothing can stop us. We are currently shipping in several countries in Europe, but we have the strong desire to expand as an international brand and preach to more alternatives our philosophy of expressing your personality through clothing without resorting to fast fashion and animal and labor exploitation.


This is our team of workers, essential to make this company move forward and can offer the best of services for you. Get to know them and don't forget to follow them!

Natalia Merlo

CEO - Creative director - Head of workshop - Social networks - and a loooong etc

Founder of Caramerlito, she is in charge of fighting and keeping this company afloat. A Swiss knife woman and entrepreneur, she feels unconditional love with the animals of the polygon and with the clients happy with Caramerlito.

It's a love, but if you piss her off, she blocks you from Caramerlito. Just kidding! (but don't try)

Adela Sánchez


Caramerlito's most veteran employee makes all clothes you can imagine. She 's very proud of its land and its people, and her specialty is the masks and crests that you love so much.

Of course, although he loves this job, he is on the verge of receiving his well-deserved pension to retire. Come on, Adela, we don't want you to go!

David Varela

Illustration and design - Customization of garments

Varela, AKA "potato omelettes' lover on Sunday afternoons (with and without onion)"

Tattoo artist and graffiti artist apart from illustrator at Caramerlito. From embroidery to screen printing, he customizes most of the garments we make. At times, he also draws and does impressive letterings.

You will find his best designs in the section that we have dedicated to him on our website VRLone .

Paula Núñez

Illustration and design - Customer service - Website

"The best thing about drawing myself is that I can hide my double chin" Paula 2021.

The youngest Caramerlito employee answers all the questions you need to solve through our social networks or messaging. She also runs the website and draws some hot guys in her spare time.

You will find her best designs in the section that we have dedicated to her on our website Paula-NM.

Javi Carmona


Our youngest tailor in Caramerlito, he gives you to your body Macarena's joy with his calm and optimism. He is responsible for making and packing the orders mostly, and above all, he is a continuous learner in all matters of life.

Young and multifunctional: worker, student, proverb, jeweler and worker of his own house ... He has it all!



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