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It depends on the product, contact us through our social networks or in customer service.

All the information you need to know is in the product description. If you need to know more you can consult Customer Service.

We NEVER use products of animal origin, all the materials we use in our products are 100% synthetic or of vegetable origin.

The products and quantities available on the website are final. If you have seen a product on our social networks and you have seen that they do not appear on the web, it is most likely that they were from a past season and we have no plans to replace the garment if it is not a new version.

We always give you the option to choose several options, which can be an immediate refund for that value, exchange it for another product or if there is a version with a different size or color, change it for a similar one. The final decision is up to you.

You will only be able to get our products in our online store. Any similar product that you find in a store will be an imitation or a completely different model from another brand.

We strive to make unique products that are difficult to imitate in terms of quality, designed and made by Andalusian workers, they are authentic!

When the package with our products arrives you will see some labels that show the correct care of the garments. Please be careful how you treat them, as after use they cannot be returned.


To know the status of your order you must go to My account and select the order you want to consult.

While in Processing, the order has not left our facilities. Once it is in the hands of the delivery person, you will receive an email with the package tracking, so that you can expedite the delivery of your order.

The delivery time of the package once it has left our facilities is 3 to 5 days.

Delivery, shipping times and costs vary depending on certain circumstances.

When the order has left our facilities you will receive an email with the follow-up of it. If you want to modify any aspect related to the delivery of your package, you must modify it in that link.

Currently our transport agency for international shipments is GLS, a leading company in the private sector for express shipments.

The dealer will contact you through the information he has. It will go to the address indicated on the package. If you do not receive a response from your recipient in the follow-up, it will mark as delivery rejected because the recipient was absent. You should know that if your information is incorrect, he will not be able to communicate with you and the delivery will be delayed. To fix it you will need to change your contact information through tracking.

Don't worry, the delivery man will try again the next day and will try to contact you again. If this failed process is repeated too many times the package will return back to our facilities.

If the package returns to our facilities, an immediate refund will be made and you will have to place your order again, so be very careful!

For the moment, shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are deactivated due to incidents caused by customs services.

We currently ship to Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Holland and Germany.


For size changes see this returns section.

If you lost your return form, you can download and print it again here.

We generally communicate with our clients when we receive a return to our facilities, to confirm that the package has arrived and the process that we will do depending on the date that the return requested.

Yes. We will verify that the orders are within the refund period. If any of the garments were out of the deadline (30 days since you received the package), you will not have the right to a refund or voucher for the amount, while the one that is within the returns period, could have a refund (before the 15 days) or the voucher (before 30 days).

We do not accept refunds for items you do not want after the deadlines indicated above. If you try to make a return after these deadlines, you are entitled to a bonus for the amount.

If you see that there is a failure in the refund, keep these factors in mind:

Has the garment arrived and we have contacted you but your money has not yet arrived ?: We take a maximum of 10 days to process refunds. If that period has already passed, contact us again.

The hygiene and safety of all our customers is very important to us, which is why certain items cannot be returned for a refund:

   1. Underwear.
   2. Swimsuits
   3. Masks.
   4. Clothes handled outside the workshop.
   5. Products that are on sale.


This error caused by us is managed by us, at no additional cost to you. For more information see this section Returns. To do this, get in touch with us.

You cannot modify the order, you can only request to cancel it and re-order correctly.

To cancel your order you have to contact us through our contact form or through our social networks.

The refund when an order is canceled will be processed the same as the refund of a return.

The validity period of the gift cards is 12 months after the date of purchase. Once the validity period has expired, the gift card cannot be used. Once the gift card has been used, it cannot be returned.

If an order has been paid with a gift card and a refund is requested, the part paid with said card will be returned to the gift card.

No matter the payment method you used to make the purchase, you can make a normal return.

If you have paid for the entire purchase with an online gift card, we will add the value of it to your Caramerlito account.

In case you have bought part of the order with an online gift card and the rest with a credit / debit card or PayPal, we will refund the amount paid and we will add the part that you paid with the online gift card to your Caramerlito account.

Keep in mind that if you place an order paying with an online gift card and return the items, you will receive an online gift card that will have the same expiration date as the original gift card.


We manage payments with Paycomet, buying online has never been so simple and safe!

Our payment methods are: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or Bizum.

It depends on the conditions of the promo code.

Payment is almost immediate, except for payments by Bizum and bank transfer, which you must do outside of our website.

Depending on the dates in which we meet, we will publish all the promotions that we will take on our social networks, follow us so as not to miss discounts!

All the instructions that you must follow are at the end of the payment. When confirming the payment method by Bizum, you are not making an immediate payment, but you must access your bank's app and send the final price of your order to the following telephone numbers and add its reference to the concept. Remember that the WhatsApp Customer Service number is not the number to make payments through Bizum. We recommend that you make an immediate payment so that it is not forgotten.

Buying a gift card in Caramerlito is very simple. You just have to decide who you want to send it to, how much you want to spend.

When will it be sent ?: Once you order your gift card online, it may take a maximum of 24 hours until we send it.

We can send it to you within a maximum period of 3 months from the moment of purchase using the email you provided.
How can I spend it ?: You can spend it as you prefer: once or in parts.
When will the online gift card expire ?: You will have a period of 1 year to use it.

If you place an order paying with an online gift card and return the items, you will receive an online gift card that will have the same expiration date as the original gift card.

Click here to buy a Caramerito gift card online.

If you have received one of our Gift Cards, it is best to register it immediately after receiving it. In this way, its amount will be added directly to your account and it will be ready to use it whenever you want.

If you have received your gift card as a result of a return between 15 and 30 days, your card is now ready in your account for you to use in your next order.

    How do I add an online gift card to my account?

        Go to the "Gift cards and online gift cards" section and click on "Add gift card / gift card online".

        Once here, you just have to select "Online gift card" and enter the 16-digit code.

        Do not forget to click on "Save gift voucher" to be able to use the amount in your next purchase.

Once the gift card has been linked to your account, it cannot be transferred to any other.

    How can I use an online gift card with my purchase?

As soon as you have added it to your account, it will appear automatically when you get to the order confirmation page. To use it, you just have to click on "Use online gift card".

    What happens if my online gift card does not cover the total purchase?

If the amount of the card does not cover the full cost of your purchase, you can pay the rest in the usual way.

    What if the value of my purchase is less than the online gift card?

In this case, we will save the rest in your account so that you can enjoy it later. Don't forget to use it before the expiration date!

    How long do I have to spend the amount?

You will have 1 year from the time of purchase to spend the full amount and it is not necessary to do it all at once.


The error may be in the browser or device you use. If not, contact us through WhatsApp or social networks.

If you want to close your Caramerlito account, you must contact us in order to cancel your account. We will delete all the data we can from your profile, but data such as payment and invoice history we cannot delete, among others.

Check your spam if we have sent you a message. If you think that we have tried to contact you and you have not found the way, go to customer service or our social networks to communicate with us.

In "My account" you have several sections to manage your Caramerlito account. If you want to change your personal data such as names, surnames and passwords, go to the My personal data section. If you want to add an address change or add a new address or delete the current address, go to the My addresses section.

It is possible that the problem is on your server or on the device you are browsing with. If the problem goes further, please contact us through our chat on WhatsApp or social networks to be able to solve the incident and prevent other buyers from having the same problem.

First you must enter your Caramerlito account.
Select your favorite products and add them to the cart.
Once you have chosen all the products you want, click on "go to checkout", or access it by entering your list of products that you have in the cart and click on "confirm".

The first thing you will see is the list of clothes you want to buy. Then confirm the delivery address. Then, select the transport agency you want to use and finally the payment method with which you are going to make the purchase.

If you have a discount coupon you can add it in this section or the previous one to get your discount.

Check that you have everything you want and confirm the payment!

Remember that bank transfers and payments by Bizum have to enter your bank app and follow the instructions that we indicate. And when the payment is confirmed you just have to wait for your new favorite clothes to arrive!

Yes, you must register on our website to be able to collect your data and place an order, in addition to accumulating points to obtain heart attack discounts!

If there has been an error in the payment or it takes too long to be made, it will be canceled within days of making the failed purchase. You will have to place the order again, unless you have proof that you have paid it and we can confirm it

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